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How to create an XP Startmenu like button?

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Hi All,

I want to create a classic menu for Win7 that works exactly like the original Win98 menu.

I really don't know how to create a single button with an icon, text and an arrow to the right, so at this moment every menu entry consists of several elements.

My problem is to change the background color of the icons to dark blue as mouse-over effect.

A background label that changes color doesn't do the trick: the transparent area of the icons is not transparent. (though it is when setting the GUI background color)

I've been testing a LOT of styles, but I'm lost here. Latest version of AutoIt3 has almost 4500 constants all together and the help file just shows a tiny little few of them, with hardly any explanation.

Is it possible to use 1 element per entry?

and if not:

How can I change the icon background color?

Thanx heaps in advance!

Cheers, Arjan

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