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help mail and attacch

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hi guy i read this topic

but for me is much complicated , i have studied a alternative but dont go perfectly

first i mod. the file inet.au3 inside the include directory program , in this mode

Func _INetMail($s_MailTo, $s_bcc, $s_MailSubject, $s_MailBody ,$s_Attach)

Local $prev = Opt("ExpandEnvStrings", 1)

Local $var = RegRead('HKCR\mailto\shell\open\command', "")

Local $ret = Run(StringReplace($var, '%1', _INetExplorerCapable('mailto:' & $s_MailTo &'?bcc='& $s_bcc & '&subject=' & $s_MailSubject & '&body=' & $s_MailBody & '&Attach=' & $s_Attach)))

Local $nError = @error, $nExtended = @extended

Opt("ExpandEnvStrings", $prev)

Return SetError($nError, $nExtended, $ret)

EndFunc ;==>_INetMail

after i have created a script for look if go correctly

#include <INet.au3>

global $attachment,$Address,$Subject,$Body,$bcc

$Address = 'stfn77@gmail.com';InputBox('Address', 'Enter the E-Mail address to send message to')

$Subject = 'oggetto';InputBox('Subject', 'Enter a subject for the E-Mail')

$Body = 'corpo messaggio';InputBox('Body', 'Enter the body (message) of the E-Mail')

$bcc = 'stfn77@gmail.com';InputBox('Body', ' of the E-Mail')

$Attach = "C:\Users\stefano\Desktop\Fibromyalgia.pdf"

MsgBox(0,'E-Mail has been opened','The E-Mail has been opened and process identifier for the E-Mail client is ' & _INetMail($address,$bcc, $subject, $body ,$Attach))

the script go and dont return error but attachment file dont attach , why ? :)(

only attch dont go ;)((

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