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HELP with createing a service (interactive)

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I tryed every ting a can think of to get a good service running on boot, but fail!

i tryed all the scrips i can find.

i would like a service that starts with TCPIP (for remotecontrol and diagnostics, even if no user is looged on. Got this part working.)

1. This work, but not what i want, i want this -> ($SERVICE_INTERACTIVE_PROCESS, $SERVICE_WIN32_OWN_PROCESS)

_Service_Create($sServiceName, $sServiceName, $SERVICE_WIN32_SHARE_PROCESS, $SERVICE_AUTO_START, $SERVICE_ERROR_SEVERE, '"' & @WindowsDir & "\" & $sServiceName & ".exe" & '"')

2. This work kind of?? om most computer i run this it takes forever before windows XP finnish login and create the desktop. (users complain on slow computers when i run this)

_Service_Create($sServiceName, $sServiceName, BitOR($SERVICE_INTERACTIVE_PROCESS, $SERVICE_WIN32_OWN_PROCESS), $SERVICE_AUTO_START, $SERVICE_ERROR_NORMAL, '"' & @WindowsDir & '\' & @ScriptName & '"')

3. THIS even makes a dependencie TCPPIP with some service.au3 i tryed (even if the code must be wrong.)

; _Service_Create($sServiceName, $sServiceName, BitOR($SERVICE_INTERACTIVE_PROCESS, $SERVICE_WIN32_OWN_PROCESS), $SERVICE_AUTO_START, $SERVICE_ERROR_NORMAL, '"' & @WindowsDir & '\' & @ScriptName & '"',,StringStripCR("Tcpip"),,StringStripCR("Tcpip"),,StringStripCR("Tcpip"))




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