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AutoIT running inside a Virtual Machine question

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I have been trying to a find a graceful way of using AutoIT to do this in the background and save the results to a text file:

<script type="text/javascript">//<![CDATA[

$(document).ready(function() {

$.get('x2fTraceMessage.mvcx2fAsyncMessageListx2f736251', { s:'googlex40google.com', r:'yahoo.com', d:'1x2f10x2f2012 2x3a18x3a37 AM', e:'1x2f16x2f2012 2x3a18x3a37 PM', i:'', a:'-5' }, function(data) { $('#message_trace_list').html(data); });



I have not received any feedback on this so I started experimenting with a way to get the results saved to a textfile using Firefox and the Firefox "Save Page As" feature. It works but it is not graceful and requires the user to wait while it is working - the user cannot let it run and at the same time do other things on the computer due to the forced use of sending keystrokes (Send() command). It would be wonderful to use AutoIT or have AutoIT invoke something that goes and gets the data and saves it to a text file in the background (similar to InetGet). I originally thought this was just javascript but I think it may have something to do with ajax or something. I don't know. If anyone knows how to do this I'm all ears.

This problem started me thinking though, and I am wondering this: Imagine a Virutal Machine with Windows and Firefox installed inside. You start the script that interacts with Firefox, pretends it's the user, and performs the actions to get the data and then does "Save Page As" over and over as it does the pre-programmed script. Once started inside the virtual machine, can the user minimize the VM and it will run the script in the background in the VM without affecting what the user is doing on the host machine? With a little work I can test this, but I'm thinking maybe someone already knows the answer.. ?

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No shame in bumping* a (relative new) old topic (after at least a 24h cool-down period.) instead of creating a new topic for it.

(ref: )

On the VM stuff. I don't now. But as you said, It should be relative easy to do a initial test. (and than to post any questions on the problems you might run into. Just don't forget to name which VM your using in such a case.)

*) Preferably with some other additional text other than just 'Bump'.


O yea.

Try using the forum

of [autoit] feature to put your code in. (See edit bar for available options.)
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Hi, Bbocker. On your VM question, the answer is yes. I am responsible for, among other things, creating automated testing of application suites. I write the code in AutoIT, and it performs a set of actions against an application dozens or hundreds of times. I run a number of VMs on my local machine, both with VMWare Workstation and VirtualBox. I start the script, then minimize and do other things while it runs. Later I just have to check the log files for success/failure rates. Hope this helps you.

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