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AutoIt with C# - COM version or DLL interface. What to choose?

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I have found and read the two topics below regarding calling AutoIt from C#:


From what I understand there is a 'COM version' of doing it, and then a DLL Interface with DLL import.

The first use the COM version.

The second use DLL Import.

As I see in the COM version an instance is made with; new AutoItX3Lib.AutoItX3Class(); and then the methods could be called through the returned object.

This seems pretty cool.

In the second approach with DLL Import. It is static methods, so I don't need to create an instance, but instead, it is needed to declare all the methods I would ever need to use.

Is there any other things that I should be aware of regarding the difference between the above to methods?

Thanks alot for your time and everything :)

Regards Kaj.

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