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Script still active after standby / wakeup

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i wrote a script to activate standby mode using api function call shutdown. After this statement the Script should write an entry to a logfile.

The problem: The shutdown command is the last statement of the script which is executed before standby. The output command ist executed after wakeup. The script stays in memory during standby.

Is it possible to schedule the shutdown command to ensure that the script has finished before standby?

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Well, i tested this behavior with this script:

Shutdown (32)

WriteLog ("Test")

The function WriteLog writes Text to a logfile. I only used this for testing purposes to check if script is terminated before standby.

The main problem is: Sometimes the Shutdown function is executed again after wakeup, even if it's the last line of code in the script. In this case PC goes to standby immediately after waking up. It seems that script remains in memory with a wrong "execution pointer".

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