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Newbie and Adding a directory Path

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Hi All

Just joined the forum today as i can see massive benefits of me learning how to use AUTOIT as i have the task of installing engineering software apps onto many workstations, some of which do not have Silent install capability only interactive.

Can i first get something cleared up, for some reason i was under the impression AUTOIT had the capability of recording my actions during an interactiver install and me then using this as a "playback" style file for future installs, is this correct or does the install have to be manually scripted and then compiled nto and exe ?

Second question i have got the hang of sending commands such as ENTER and TAB and UP , down etc to simulate the user pressing Next and Browse etc but what function do i use in my script to paste an install directory path.?

For example i launch the software install exe, i then enter a few Next, Next commands, Accept the eula with UP and Enter, now i use UP and ENTER to Browse the install path. WHat function do i call now to "Paste" a directory path into the browse window ?

Apologies as this is probably very simple but we all have to start somewhere ;-)



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Scite for AutoIt has a recording capability. (http://www.autoitscript.com/site/autoit-script-editor/downloads/) However, it's not the best way to automate installations. The best way is to use the AutoIt Info Window tool that's packaged with AutoIt and use class IDs to send commands to the installer. You should look in the help file at WinActivate, ControlClick, ControlCommand, MouseClick, etc. Also, on those pages, the "related" section suggests other commands that would be useful.

#include <ByteMe.au3>

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Ok im starting to get the hang of it now, the "AutoIT Window Info" tool is a great feature but my only sticking point is still how to paste a directory structure. for example i want to script the install of a simple application but i want it to be installed in a custom location not the default C:Program files

so when the destination folder window appears i am using the following :

WinWaitActive ("3DVIA Composer V6R2011x Setup", "&Folder name:")


however in the Folder browser window when i run teh script all it will paste is "C"

very frustrating

any help appreciated


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