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SCCM & simple script

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AutoIt noob here. v3.3.8.1

Intuit distributes QuickBooks patches in an executable with no silent install command line and which ignores keystrokes. I'm trying to push it via SCCM, so I need to automate it with button clicks. Here is my script:

;Runs QBWebPatch.exe unattended.
; Launch the updater

; First window, during decompress, is named "Setup"; no interaction required
; Wait for the updater itself to become active
WinWaitActive("QuickBooks Update,Version 22.0"); no space between comma and V
ControlClick("QuickBooks Update,Version 22.0", "&Install Now", 1043)
; This msgbox is posted when update is finished
WinWaitActive("Update complete")
ControlClick("Update complete", "OK", 2)


  • It works correctly when I run it. But when SCCM runs it, it launches QBWEBPATCH and then the script terminates. It's set up to run with admin permissions and allow user interaction.
  • Assuming we can get it to work at all, I'd prefer it to run hidden if a user is logged on, and to also run if a user isn't logged on. Is that possible?

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