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Prevent decompiling

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Hi there, I'm new to this forum, so sorry if I do something wrong.

Thing is:

I am coding an app I think I could sell, but I don't want others to see my source code.

I spent last 2 days looking for more information if latest version can be decompiled, how to protect it, and how to decompile it too (attack is best defense).

I cant find any public decompilers for newer versions of AutoIt (good!) but I could find discussion of few people talking about "This version should work for"

Well, even if it is not decompilable, in few days/months it might be, thus I was searching for way of protecting my EXE.

Many discussions are about this topic, but most of them are 2009. Thats why I am creating new topic.

I found this this site somewhere on this forum, but some says those tools are obsolete, and I wouldn't know which one is good either.

So here I am, asking you for help and (possibly) a little know-how of how to make my program secure.

(I know it will never be 100%, but 70% is better than 0%) If you could post here name of up-to-date protective tools in here with a little info about it (experience), I will really appreciate it.

If you have your secret know-how, and you don't want to be published, you could send me it via PM (I swear I will not spread your know-how)

Thank you for making time for reading this

Best regard


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If you really read all those threads you claim then you would understand why they are so old and what happens to them. They are closed. Just like this thread.

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