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Various Issues with SciTE4AutoIt3

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I am running v on Win 7 64-bit and I am having some problems. Basically, some things just don't work.


  • F5, F7, Ctrl + F7 works as expected, and I can enter paramaters with Shift + F8, but the parameters don't seem to get used for F5. For example, $CmdLine[0] reports zero.
  • Ctrl+Shift+D doesn't work. Nothing happens when I envoke it.
  • Ctrl+F5 does nothing.
  • Alt+G doesn't work.
I am wondering if maybe the things that aren't working rely on Lua or something and that isn't functioning properly on my system.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot these issues?

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They all work for me. Try downloading the full version from the downloads page, and see if this solves the problem for you.

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They all work for me. Try downloading the full version from the downloads page, and see if this solves the problem for you.

Full version of which? The full version of AutoIt is already installed. Not sure if that is what you meant or something else?

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I would recommend when it asks you if you wish to install for x86 or x64, just use the x86 installation, even though you are on a 64bit os.


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I would recommend when it asks you if you wish to install for x86 or x64, just use the x86 installation, even though you are on a 64bit os.

Not really related to the OPs issue.

Just install the separate scite4autoit3 installer and See if all is working then.

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I first tried uninstalling and reinstalling AutoIt and chose to use x86 by default.

That didn't change anything.

I then downloaded and installed the full version of SciTE linked to here and things... umm... changed. Some things remain broken, others are fixed, and yet things that were working are now broken.


  • F5, F7, and Ctrl + F7 don't do anything, but those actions chosen via menu do.
  • Ctrl+Shift+D now works
  • Shift + F8 no longer invokes the parameters dialog, but I can use the menu to open it, and now the parameters are used when I run the script.
  • F5 invokes an Open File dialog.
  • F6 closes the file open in the editor and starts a new blank file.
  • Shift + F5 does not clear the output pane, but menu item works.
I am totally confused by what is going on. I'm not sure what is causing these issues. The common thing seems to be that shortcut keys don't work as they should. But I am not sure that is the only thing wrong.

UPDATE: Installing the full version of SciTE fixed things. All seems to be working now.

For a moment I thought that I had turned off the function keys (I have a Microsoft 4000 keyboard) and that that might have been the origional problem, but it was not. But, in doing so, I had them off as I first tested with the full version of SciTE and then realized my error.

Thanks for all the help.

P.S. As is my custom, I have made a donation (in this case, to AutoIt) because this issue was resolved by the forums/community. I do so when I get help on FOSS from forums, IRC, etc.

Edited by tinjaw

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Good to hear it worked. Thanks on behalf of the community and developers for your contribution.

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