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Add a function that runs a function with admin rights

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Hi Guys,

I'm french so sorry for my bad english...

I think that a lot of people would like to find a function in autoit that could run just a function (not an external program like runas()) with admin rights... do you know if this function could be add in one of the next versions of autoit?

Indeed, to the best of my knowledge you cannot run a single function in an AutoIt script with admin rights. With this, we could have a script that could be load with a low profile and just have admin right to run one function (like "regwrite" or others functions in a part of the script).

It should be something like this :

RunFuncAsAdminWait("username", "domain", "password","regwrite .....")

Do you understand what i mean and if it's ok, what do you think about it?

NB : congratulations to Autoit's developpers for their work and long life to Autoit !

AkorxMail akorx@yahoo.fr

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It is clear you haven't gotten the message given in your previous thread.

Maybe you need to reread it first and try to understand what you are being told before creating a new thread like this. :)


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