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IE9 download fixed yet?

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Hi All,

I gave up on AutoIt for awhile hoping that the IE9 download popup problem has been fixed with some UDF or some major release... from what I can see it hasn't.

I'm about to start a major coding project and while I want to code it all up in AutoIt the prospect of reaching an impasse with this issue will cause me to have to learn some other language that can do it all.

Am I wrong? Is all really well with IE9 automation with AutoIt? I need it super reliable running 24/7.

Any and all replies appreciated,


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Ahh smartee good to see you... always a quick 'n smart answer! Thanks for the reply... I take it I need to automate a paste link here, click this button sort of thing with it? I'll give it a go and see how I get on, cheers!

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