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According to the documentation, blockinput can be bipassed by pressing ctrlaltdel because of the windows api, and i was doing some research, but it looks like if you system hook the keys you could intercept the msg before the system, but i couldn't find any hook examples that i could understand what they were doing. does anyone have any experiance doing this or maybe another method?

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I don't think hooking works, either, though I may be wrong. That key combination is caught at the OS level and the only way you might have a chance is if you write a driver to get to it at that level. Again, I could be wrong, but I'm sure Google will know.

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I got this off of the fourms somewhere, its cool...

opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 4)
While 1
Sleep(15);;don't use the cpu too hard
If WinExists("classname=#32770") Then
WinSetState("classname=#32770", "", @SW_DISABLE)
Sleep(15);;don't use the cpu too hard

What this does is disable the gui of taskmanager. If you want you can do a 2 fold thing, where u add @SW_HIDE as well. Just make sure to add @SW_ENABLE so the box isnt cooked.

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