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[Resolved] on close of gui 1, gui 2 pops up - why?

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I'm trying to debug a problem that I'm not really 100% sure why it's happening.

When I click on a close button on gui1, gui2 pops up.

Below is the code for the close button on gui1:

Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE, $CloseSetWin

Notice that the event_close and close button are going to do the same thing, right?

Clicking the close button causes the problem - alt f4 or X button does not.


Memory leak?

The window that is loading is called through a function and I thought maybe I hadn't killed the function correctly at some other part in the code so I reset the computer to clear the memory and start the menu program. Once it was loaded I loaded the gui1 window and then clicked the close button and gui2 still pops up.

Odd to me.

Not sure how a gui would load if it's not being called or created.

;):) :) ;) LOL

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