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Interaction between embeded browser & autoit

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I am mainly a web developer, and use autoit for managing things on my servers (automation), so have some experience in getting the 2x environments to communicate with each other, which is currently via a database. Set function on website front end, updates database, auto it checks database every x s / min and executes whats needed.

I now would like to finish off a project that's more on the client side, but similar interaction without the database bridge.

The closest I could find is this post:

but before I go down that route, maybe the guru's here know what I'm talking about and can tell me the correct terms to search for, or how to achieve it.

I basically embed an explorer instance in the GUI, and open up the set URL. On the web-page, a user can click a link/button, and it executes a function i programed into autoit.

Not sure if its GUI or Object related, so mods please move if you feel its best situated elsewhere

So, as an example, i have a special version of a website that's specifically designed to work with my autoit "front end"

On the page is a list of art packs available, with a simple link, something like <a href="AutoItFunctionName("Pack1234")">Install this pack</a>

Clicking that link triggers the named function in auto it, which then downloads the relevant file, and extracts it to where it must go, along with authentication and what not.

That interaction from within the Explorer browser to trigger the AutoIt function is where I am stuck, and any help will be appreciated

All I can find is the direction of autoit -> explorer object, but not the other way round :-/

Thanks !!


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