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code examples for getting checked items from tree view?

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I have been searching through the forums and the help document and I am confused, or at least I have confused myself on, how do you get a list of items in a tree view that have been checked?

I see the _GUICtrlTreeView_GetChecked command and I have read through many forum posts relating to this but I haven't come across any code example on how to actually walk through a tree and get a list of all the checked items. Especially when dealing with large trees beyond 2 or 3 levels.

Can someone please point me to a post or sample code that I can look at to understand how to do this? I have so far found some examples of checkign and unchecking parents etc... but I need to actually get all the checked items say into an array so I can do something with them AND also the items that are not checked.

What I am trying to do is create a memory so later the user can come back and change options or if more items become available to be able to select new items while keeping the previously checked items checked. First though, I need to understand how to get the checked items from a multi-leveled tree.

Thanks for any help. I am continuing to search the forums and trying out bits of code I come across to help me.

Edit: After posting this I found this thread -->

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