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Need help with a fairly complex script

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I have a need for a certain script for work. I just started working with autoit, but im far from figuring out what I need to learn to accomplish my task. Id like to break it into pieces and figure it out as I go with some help.

I will need autoit to use Internet explorer and a proprietary application.


I need to read information from excel. Colum A would be an account number, and Colum B would be a Social Security Number. Depending on how many accounts I have will determine how many rows are used, but it can vary from 10-10,000

The cells will be populated with out autoit.

Once I populate the spreadsheet I need a script to read the SSN in colum B and paste it into a search field on a skip tracing website and then click search. Once the search completes I have to copy and paste the returned results into another application. and then start another search on the next SSN in Colum B, rinse and repeat, until colum A and B are empty.

There is a lot more to the end result, but This is the part im having the most trouble with. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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