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My Client Management Project

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So I started this project for my small web design freelancing. Its a client management system. Basically you open the program, and have a list-box that will be filled with your client names that you have added. You can select any client, and edit, delete or view the information.

Basically, I just have the first GUI somewhat done, where you have a list of clients. I'm working on the next GUI that will open above the first when you press the "Add Client" button. This GUI will have inputs for all your clients personal information, then it has a second tab that lists the clients website details of the work they need done.

I know I'm making this post longer than it should be, I was just trying to give a somewhat visual of what I'm trying to make.

I did have a group box with services listed individually with inputs and combo boxes, but it was looking "cluttered" so then I thought about just doing away with all that and having two list boxes. The one on the left will be all the services you offer, the one on the right will be all the services that they want. So I will have a button to add or remove the selected service.

Now we get to my question. I want to make the list box "organized." Lets say I have a services that could include 3 possible suggestions. Like,

Example 1:

Forum Software - This would be the title or category



-IPB - And these would be the possible selections

Example 2:

Blog Software - This would be the category



-Gawker - no idea what this is just searching for other blog softwares other than WordPress.


That way it looks neat and organized. Are you able to at catagories in your lists?

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