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Not sure if anyone is going to be able to help me out with this odd bug,.

This program is basically going to be used to describe images inside the image folder and save it to an ini in the same folder.

The problem I'm having is when you open up the Options > Client Setup, you set a directory path for an Image folder. When you click the Save Options button it saves two ini files:

1) @WindowsDir & "\picprosetup.ini"

2) (directory path you just set) & "\picpro.ini"

It saves these two files correctly; however, when you reopen the Client Setup window and leave everything the same, when you click "Save Options" it should save everything back exactly the same...

However, it's not reading the Directory Setup path control properly and when I get the contents of the control it reads it as null.

I believe it's related to fact that I'm hideing the GUI State of the gui window.

If anyone can help me out here, would be great.. kinda driving myself crazy here.


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