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Get which Window needs Action

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I am working on a project that makes usage of a poker software easier. One problem I have just stumbled upon is that my script kinda often brings other tables to the front stealing the focus when typing in a bet amount causing the betting amount typing to be interrupted.

Now I have got an idea to improve the script. I want to simply check if a table needs action and while that is true, the script should not do actions that cause loss of focus. Question is now how I do this best.

Have a look at how the tables look when they need action and when they dont: Note the green/grey dot in the title bar

-snipped -

When a window needs action it has this flashing green dot and a grey dot if no action is needed. My idea would be to pixelsearch at all windows but I could imagine that there is probably a better way. Do you think maybe there is a way to somehow check if the window needs action? WinGetTitle() does only return the text in the title, nothing about the dot. PixelSearch is obviously easy, but brings along some other problems. So if anyone has an idea how you could get if a table needs action or not please help me and post your ideas.


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