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STRG+Alt+Del to unlock Screen

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Guest HaiHendriks


I've looked in this forum and see this question several times. All the answers with auto logon in registry keys I don't want to use.

The Problem is:

The windows 2003 server is set to lock the screen after 10 minutes (company policy!!!). My (first) compiled AutoIT script starts the program vm-ware workstation version 5. After starting a group (team) of virtual machines start. I compiled the script and it works fine. I configured a task to execute the compiled script. Wenn the windows screen is unlocked the task works fine but when the screen is locked it doesn't. So I must first unlock the screen!

My script:


; AutoIt Version: 3.1.1

; Language: Deutsch/Dutch/Englisch

; Platform: WXP/W2K3

; Author: Hai

; Date: 15-Jul-2005


; Script Function:

; Startet VMWare Team-1 auf Workstation V5.


; Überprüfe ob VM-Ware bereits gestartet

; Wenn Ja, überprüfe ob Fenster aktiv, ansonsten aktiviere dieses Fenster und starte die Gruppe Team-1

; wenn Nein, Starte VMWare und dann die Gruppe-1

If WinExists("Team-1 - VMware Workstation") Then

If WinActive("Team-1 - VMware Workstation") Then



WinActivate("Team-1 - VMware Workstation")




Run("C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Workstation\vmware.exe")

; Warte bis Programm geöffnet ist

WinWaitActive("Team-1 - VMware Workstation")



; Ende!

Maybe someone has a hint?????



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