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Odd (local) windows cursor hickup.

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In case someone knows whats up, or how to get rid of it.

Windows XP.Pro.Sp3.32bit.

In some cases, when hovering with the mouse over a text editing field, the mouse cursor, when moved over the edit field, is constantly flipping between the 'Text bar' and 'Default pointer' mouse icons. Very annoying to say the least.

- I had this initially in my main windows when it was still pretty fresh. But that seems to have gone now. At least I can't find any case of this anymore. (Not sure if there where cases where it happened to any none AutoIt Gui's.)

- Currently I do have this in a VirtualBox window setups. (Also Windows XP.Pro.Sp3.32bit.). So far I only have noted this in AutoIt Gui's.

-- Scite4AutoIt3: Scite Config -> AutoIt directory settings, "User include dir" field. (For example)


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