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Is it possible to get text from toolbar of window info tool?

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I need help in checking toolbar text in my script.

I tried searching around but found solutions for statusbar text read but not for toolbar text.

is it possible to get text shown in toolbar of window info tool? if yes, then how?

Thanks in advance.


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Window info is as bellow............


>>>> Window <<<<


Class: Shell_TrayWnd

Position: 0, 614

Size: 1360, 30

Style: 0x96000000

ExStyle: 0x00000088

Handle: 0x00030044

>>>> Control <<<<

Class: ToolbarWindow32

Instance: 1

ClassnameNN: ToolbarWindow321


Advanced (Class): [CLASS:ToolbarWindow32; INSTANCE:1]


Text: Notification Area

Position: 1241, 6

Size: 54, 18

ControlClick Coords: 16, 3

Style: 0x56008B4D

ExStyle: 0x00000080

Handle: 0x00030050

>>>> Mouse <<<<

Position: 1257, 623

Cursor ID: 0

Color: 0x1090E9

>>>> StatusBar <<<<

>>>> ToolsBar <<<<

1: 9 Tor is not running

2: 7 1:15 hours (44%) remaining

3: 3 Local Area Connection

Speed: 100.0 Mbps

Status: Connected

4: 6 Downloads

5: 5 Download

6: 4 Vidalia

7: 2 Tor Browser

8: 1 Volume

9: 0 Oracle VM VirtualBox Guest Additions 4.0.14r74382

>>>> Visible Text <<<<


3:33 PM

Notification Area

Running Applications

Running Applications

>>>> Hidden Text <<<<


Pleae help ...

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Maybe the winactivate command might be a good direction to go?

I haven't had a whole lot of difficulty with it as of late - so may work for what you are wanting.

It won't read the toolbar text - as of yet I have not found a way to do that, but it will read for the title of the window that is open. (works if the item is minimized from view).

Hope this helps. i'm still pretty new so if someone else has more info on the matter - please feel free to chime in.

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