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how to send key using user32.dll ?

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i want to learn a bit on using user32.dll since i see it is more powerfull then a normal Send() command :)

and for start how do i know , how to use this user32.dll to send a key.

as much as i know u must hex code for the key right? not like in autoit we put simply {1} or {a} or so...

thanks for the help!

Proud of AutoIt Proud of MySelf :)

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Ok, this is your final warning.

You seem to be incapable of:

- responding to my statement.

- posting in the proper forum.

- generally put in some effort yourself.

This question will not be answered. You either use the simpel autoit3 function or you spend time to learn the advanced stuff yourself from the ample examples.

When you do not adhere to these simple rules you will get a ban on these forums.


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