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[Solved] Anyone Know a Good Alternative to Spy++, for Capturing Windows Messages?

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It doesn't work on all the windows I've tried, but you might try GetWindowText by SoftwareOK. (Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but thought I'd throw it out there.)

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Hi Rover

The reason I have not answered yet was because I was at work..

I planned to check the 2 programs you mentioned during the weekend, and that's what I am doing now..

So first, thank you very much for the answer..

And second, I will soon write here my experiment with them..

Fossil Rock:

Thank you too, will check it out now.


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OK now I had a chance to go over all of them.

WinSpector: I used it in the past, but now it seems it is not being developed anymore.

WinSpy++: Looks very nice.

WinDetective: Wow - this seems like something that was created by someone with good understanding of UI. I am going to download this one!

Thank you for them

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