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Extract data from Silverlight

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There is a web based software that is developed in .NET and it is using silverlight.

It shows data in a grid in SilverLight. Now I need to read certain cells in this grid.

I tried to gather info using Au3Info but it just returns SilverLight as class name and I cannot get information of any items inside displayed grid.

How can we extract information from inside a SliverLight grid displayed in a browser?


Yogi Yang

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Since web based automation requires interaction with the document object of the page being interfaced with and the Au3Info tool only displays those itmes in or around the rendered page that are directly visible to the rest of the operating system outside of the browser it may be simpler to take a little more round-about approach. I have not worked with SilverLight but my brief searches seem to indicate that it exposes methods and properties through the document object model of the browser so you may be able to automate your SilverLight object by getting hold of the InternetExplorer.Application object that refers to the page your SilverLight control is on then using the document object model with either GetElementById (or GetElementsByTagName then iterating over the returned collection to find the one you're after) then using the methods that the object exposes to the browser to interact with it and its data.

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