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using msg.exe and knowing usernames

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first of all, I'm completely new with AutoIt, but I'm impressed...!

second, if any typos found... well... keep them... I guess, I've got enough of them to share... :)

And then, the reason for my post, a question:

I want to broadcast messages to persons (user) and/or computer (clients) within a network organized by AD. For this I'd like to use msg.exe. Therefore one needs to know, as far as I know, the client's (server) name and the user's name. I'd like to have a list combined in a GUI with checkboxes and automatically generated/updated by a tool, in which the user's name actually logged in at a client are shown and the clientnames are "linked" in a table or the like...

The checking of a checkbox should be used for sending a text to this person using msg.exe.

Is something like that possible? Just before I start wasting time... ;)

Where could I get some hints for solving this? Or have I've been not able to find something existing what is like I discribed above...

Anyway, thank you in advance for your help!!!


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