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AutoIt ping fails, but cmd> ping succeeds. -Fixed in AutoIt

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I'm using ping to check network availability at work. The example from help (almost) does not work, similarly using the IP address. Both fail with error = 1 = Host Offline.


Within a corporate/domain environment, you might expect some things to be blocked, but the strange thing is that from a cmd prompt, pinging those addresses is successful. Similarly www.google.co.uk fails from AutoIt ping, but is alright from cmd. Internet access is permitted, and Firefox can go to AutoIt and Google. (I tried another computer at work, same.) With the same computer, on WiFi at home, both ping methods succeed.

How is the corporate environment blocking AutoIt ping, but not cmd ping?


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The way AutoIT forms it's ping packet is not quite to IEEE standards so a lot of router configs and intrusion detection/prevention systems will block it vs the properly formated one Windows PING uses.

Ah, Rob beat me to it. ;-) And yes that thread he mentioned is exactly why with a nice alternative UDF one of our amaizing peers created. Gotta love these forums! :)

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