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Cannot get Window to close

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Hello all,

I'm trying to get a script to work and having no success.

I'm trying to script a Ninite exe such that my AutoIt script launches the file, then closes the Ninite window when it's finished.

(For those not familiar, Ninite is a killer installation tool. You choose what programs you want from Ninite.com and it gives you one exe that installs them all.)

My trouble is that I cannot get AutoIt to close the window no matter what I try. Here's what I tried:

TRY 1:
$success = winClose("Ninite")
ConsoleWrite("WinClose returned a "& $success)
-- It returns a 1, but the window remains.

TRY 2:
If WinExists("Ninite") Then
msgbox(0,"Ninite win exists","It's there")
-- This works for other programs like "AutoIt Help" and "Calculator".  When I put "Ninite" in the WinExists() returns True but the Alt-F4 doesn't do anything.

TRY 3:
$PID = ProcessExists("Ninite.exe")
If $PID Then
$result = ProcessCLose($PID)
  msgbox(0,"Result","Result = "& $result)
-- Again, ProcessExists returns True and the $result of ProcessClose returns a 1, but the window stays open.

TRY 4:
;There is a Close button in the window that I attempted to press with ControlClick.
WinActivate("Ninite")  ; I see the Ninite window activate
$result = ControlClick("Ninite", "", "[ID:2]")
msgbox(0,"result is","Result is "& $result) ; $result = 1 as though it closed it pressed the "Close" control, but window remains open.

This is really frustrating. Anyone know of another way I can close this window?



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In silent mode you will not see any windows : NiniteInstaller.exe /silent :)

AutoIt X86 - SciTE 3.6.0WIN 8.1 X64 - Other Example Scripts

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Hi Wakillon,

Yeah, I know about the /silent switch. However, what I'm trying to achieve is a system that tells me when an install or update fail by scraping the text of the window.

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