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tray notification app? change/animate notification icons?

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Is it possible to make an auto-it app that runs exclusively from the tray and displays a tray icon that can be animated/changed?

I'm trying to write a network user account disk quota monitoring tool that will show different icons based on disk storage used, and pop up a window on first run to display alert notifications when users logon.

I've got the notification window part mostly figured out, but I don't know how or if I can make the tray icon using AutoIT. Generally I'm not planning to offer menus, but it would pop up the quota status window, if the icon is clicked. There won't be a quit option.. it should run at user logon and continue to run in the tray until logoff.

I could just stop where I am with a window that appears once and exits, but a tray icon with a tiny account space usage graphic would be more useful to the user.


Local run for admin account, using path "C:\" rather than domain account properties.

User's name is read from domain profile

Thick black bars (adjustable): Warn threshold (yellow): 75% .... Critical threshold (red) : 90%

Posted Image

(Microsoft apparently provides nothing like this built-in, for notifying domain/roaming account users at logon. I'm doing this mainly because there's no other really good option available.)

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