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How to pause or stop a json.send command

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Not sure if anyone has come across this before - I have this code:

$json = ObjCreate("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
  $json.Open("GET", $url & "&access_token=" & $Token, 0)
  $result = $json.responseText

When the line " $json.Send " is hit, the machine freezes for several seconds whilst the query results file is grabbed. However I have pause/stop buttons on my gui, which if they are clicked during this period, the process should stop - any ideas how I can access the "code" or "function" .send to insert some code to allow this functionality to happen?

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The problem with the function you point to is that you need access to the details of the function to insert code into in order to allow the interrupt to occur - which is what I am pretty much asking, how do I access the json.send code to do that - is it possible? :)

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