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SOLUTION: Deleting a file.

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Hi Guys

I am very new at AutoIt. After reading a lot of subjects regarding deleting a file, I have found a foolproof way.

(Background: I create robocopy.exe out of my exe if the user running my backup does not have it installed. BUT, I then want it deleted...)

The delete script removes robocopy out of the directory the script was started from:

$robodel = (@ScriptDir&"\"&"robocopy.exe")
$handle = FileOpen($robodel,0) ; Open handle
$noddefs = FileReadLine($handle) ; Use handle
FileClose($handle) ; Close handle

Cheers and I am so glad I stumbled over AutoIT. I was looking at writing a backup for my users in vbs when I came across it.

Kind regards

Aubrey Kloppers

South Africa

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