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Selecting from sub menu when it contains two similar items

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I need to select an item from sub menu, but it contains more than one that match.

E.g. supposed my menu is like


Open New File


I need to call "File->Open", so I'm using the command:

WinMenuSelectItem(MyMainWindow, "", "File", "Open")

but it seems that the system is searching the first match for File->Open.* so the first one is File->Open New File

is there a way to force AutoIt to select the exact sub memu I need?

many thanks,


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Does the menu command have any of the characters underlined when you open the menu with the ALT key? Because "&Open" is different than "Open &New File" where the "&" is what letter that is underlined when you do this.

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thanks for the reply, but No.

I'm aware of the use of &, and above is just an example:

Main menu is File

Sub menu 1 is Open New File

Sub menu 2 is Open

the question is how to execute File->Open?

I have noticed that there is an option of calling menu command by its location, but it does not work for me.




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tomers you should try sending wm_command message with sendmessage() because this is the message you send to the app when you click on those menu items. And everytime you do this you send different message depending what you click.


Or you could try something like controlcommand() and use "SendCommandID", Command ID

Simulates the WM_COMMAND message. Usually used for ToolbarWindow32 controls - use the ToolBar tab of Au3Info to get the Command ID.

You could also use a tool like spy++ to inspect wm_command message for the desired app, then only filter this message, manually click some menu items to see sendmessage params, test, experiment

I didnt use this approach but i would go this route myself

edit: Here is what i get when i click an item and spy for this with spy++ it gives me command id

Posted Image

After you get this id you could try

ControlCommand($appofyours, "", "putcontrolofmenuhere", "SendCommandID", "putcommandidhere eg 35005")

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