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ADOConnection to SQL Anywhere 11

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I'm attempting to connect to SQL Anywhere 11 DB. I received the connection string, minus the Driver, from the application, but can't find the proper Driver syntax/values. I look for older post and saw things like: Driver={SQL Anywhere 11} or {SYBASE SYSTEM 11}

I tried it all (with and without curly brakets), no go. Any ideas?

$oADOConnection = ObjCreate ( "ADODB.Connection" )

$oADOConnection.Open("Driver=SQL Anywhere 11;UID=$user;PWD=$pwd;ENG=$server;DBN=$db;LINKS=ALL")

The following is always retruned (running in SciTE):

(line of the .Open command): The requested action with this object has failed.:

$oADOConnection.Open("Driver={SYBASE SYSTEM 11};UID=***;PWD=***;ENG=***;DBN=***;LINKS=ALL")

$oADOConnection.Open("Driver={SYBASE SYSTEM 11};UID=***;PWD=***;ENG=***;DBN=***;LINKS=ALL")^ ERROR

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