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Selecting/Clicking a Table row

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Greets all, first time posted, long time Autoit Fan (doesn't mean I'm anywhere good at it) :)

I searched the forums, found lots but nothing concrete on what I need to do. Sorry if I mssed it and its a repost.

I need to get our tracking/messaging application to carry Job info and address to the proper truck. I'm as far as getting the info in the right fields in th right webpage, but the trucks are listed in a table that will shift order depending whos closest.

Heres HTML of 1 row

<tr onclick="return onGridRowClick(&#39;2146565&#39;,&#39;grdVehicles_rdoOne_0&#39;)">
    <td style="width:20px;">
                                        <input id="grdVehicles_rdoOne_0" type="radio" name="grdVehicles$ctl02$actin" value="rdoOne" />
                                    </td><td style="width:20px;">
                                        <img id="grdVehicles_imgGarminConnected_0" src="../../App_Themes/Default/img/icon_GarminOff.png" />
                                    </td><td class="tblHiddenField">2146565</td><td>T10</td><td style="width:90px;">
                                        <span id="grdVehicles_lblVehPositionType_0" class="vehshutdown">[Shutdown]</span>
                                        <span id="grdVehicles_lblLocation_0">150 Woodview Dr, Elgin, USA</span>
                                        <span id="grdVehicles_lblPosTime_0">02/22/2012 01:23 PM</span>
                                        <span id="grdVehicles_lblMisc_0"></span>

T10 is the Truck Label I need to send to (for this example) The <name="grdVehicles$ctl02$actin> Pretty sure stays with the row, so I need to pull out the "T10" somehow.

The whole table row is clickable, I just need to figure out how to identify the right row per Truck Number that will shift postition in the sort order given its postion to the job address.

I'll drop a screen shot of the page seeing that its a secured site. Thanks for any help


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