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HotKeySet function with parameters?

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I am making a small template copy app.

So i am doing something like this:

HotKeySet("^1", "ShowMessage")

HotKeySet("^2", "ShowMessage")

HotKeySet("^3", "ShowMessage")

HotKeySet("^4", "ShowMessage")

HotKeySet("^5", "ShowMessage")

HotKeySet("^6", "ShowMessage")

HotKeySet("^7", "ShowMessage")

HotKeySet("^8", "ShowMessage")

HotKeySet("^9", "ShowMessage")

HotKeySet("^0", "ShowMessage")

ShowMessage function accepts parameters.How can i pass the parameters here so for "^1" to use 1 as parameter , for "^2" to use 2 and etc.

I know i can copy the ShowMessage function 10 times , but i have like 50 parameters and it will be ugly and large code.

Any ideas how i can do it elegantly ?

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Hi 69255,

Thanks , @HotKeyPressed is what i needed.



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