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Easy I thought. Scrolling an Image?

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I wanted to create a gui with an image in it, a screenshot saved as a jpg actually. The image is 1024x768 but with my screen resolution being 1024x768 I of course can't see the whole image so I need to be able to scroll horizontally and Vertically just a little to see the whole image. But there does not seem to be any way to attach a scroll bar to an image. I tried setting The GUICreate style to $WS_VSCROLL which gave me the scroll bar but I found out later by reading another post that yes you can put the scroll bar on the GUI but there is no way to use it..?? :)

I did read another post that showed how to re-position items on the screen using a slider bar but I REALLY don't want to do that, it does not look at all professional.

Please won't someone tell me a way to scroll the GUICtrlCreatePic up/down left/right with an actuall scroll bar... or maybe move the image around inside the GUICtrlCreatePic using scroll bars.



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