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Hi, I need help grabbing a web page and a timer.

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Hi, so lets say I've a random webpage, that is in plain text. Example http://example.com/file. I want to download this straight into a variable because it will usually be only a lines, and I want it split into an array. How do I do this?

Secondly, I want to have a timer function that can do the Send() command in the intervals that I specify.

Also, is there a way for me to send the tilde key (~) as a command? Like Send("{ENTER}")?

Thanks in advance.

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1. One way would be with InetGet() and _FileReadToArray()

2. Look at Loop Statements in Language Reference, and Timer and Delay Management in the Help file.

3. Yes.

4. Spend an hour or so reading thru the Help file. Learn what can be done with the native AutoIt functions. There's example code for just about every one too.

5. Welcome to the Forums.

- Bruce /*somdcomputerguy */  If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

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