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Need help to change case for PPT Presentation.

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When i tried this below code ,iam unable to get changecase. pls help me to change the text from upper to lower or lower to upper.Similarly for Bold and Italic also.

Dim Const $PPUPPER = "UPPERCASE" - Variable Declaration

_PPT_SlideChangeCase($objSlide2, 2,$PPUPPER) - Calling function

Func _PPT_SlideChangeCase(ByRef $obj, $intTextFrame, $case) - Called function

If IsObj($obj) <> 1 Then


Return 0


Local $objTextRng = $obj.Shapes.Item($intTextFrame).TextFrame.TextRange

$objTextRng.Font.ChangeCase= $case



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Hi, devi. Have a look in the helpfile at StringUpper. You should be able to call your $objTextRng and then parse it with StringUpper to provide all upper case.

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