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AutoIt v3.3.9.1 (Beta) Released

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Special Note: This is an official beta release but it is not digitally signed. Only Jon has the certificate used for digital signatures and the last time I checked I was not Jon. (29th February, 2012) (Beta)


- Fixed: ObjGet() forgets non-file monikers since last beta.

- Fixed #1395: DLLCallbacks on Exit.

- Fixed: Ptr() returns null pointer for objects.

- Fixed #1319: Hang at exit for RichEdit user controls.

- Fixed #2138: Fixed GUICtrlRead() on dummy controls was corrupting strings and possibly crashing AutoIt.

- Fixed #1760: #OnAutoItStartRegister ignores single quoted function names.

- Changed: x86 callback function touches FPU stack only when necessary.

- Added: Compound assignment operators for object properties.


- Added #2126: Documentation remark about _ArrayDisplay being able to display a maximum of 65530 items.

- Fixed #2084: Clipboard not being closed if an error occurred with _ClipBoard_SetDataEx.

- Fixed #2125: Writing a 2-dimensional array would only write the first two columns of the array.

- Fixed #2070: Unexpected crash on certain systems when using _GUICtrlStatusBar_GetText.

- Fixed #2132: Documentation of _WinAPI_GetModuleHandle and the parameter to return the handle of the calling process. (Use the Null keyword, not 0.)


- Changed: Au3Check version numbers now match AutoIt's.

The following changes are script breaking changes:

None so far.

Report issues here.

Download here.

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