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Problems with internet explorer - hitting a brick wall in solving them!

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I'm getting a few unusual errors whilst running _IECreate or _IENavigate functions relating to Internet Explorer.

They don't always occur when I run the same function, so are a little difficult to reproduce consistently; and I can't seem to spot what is causing them.

If anyone has any insights, thoughts or solutions, they would be appreciated as several days have left me v frustrated -

Access is denied

Unspecified error

The RPC server is unavailable

A system shutdown has already been scheduled

The requested resource is in use

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After a lot of trial and error and debugging, the conclusion appears to be that in most cases there is a valid reason for each error (d'oh).

I've not tracked them all down but a couple I have are as follows:

"The requested resource is in use" appears when there is a message box or input box awaiting a response (eg if you have some proxy software that everything goes through)

"Access is denied" can occur if your code is a little too quick and IE has not loaded everything...

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