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NumConvertBase UDF

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I have a problem... I have my code below:

#include <NumBaseConvert.au3>

$num = '44e15d91c5abe7f62add55bd052401'
$new = "" 
For $i = 1 To 15 
    $new = stringLeft($num, 2) & $new
    $num = stringtrimleft($num, 2)

$twentyfour = _NumBaseConvert($new, 16, 24)

MsgBox(0, 'Start: ' & $new,  'Number in 24: ' & $twentyfour & @LF & _
                             'Number in 16: ' & $new)
                            ;$twentyfour should return 

the base 24 that i should get back is "4adm6li41hbah7h1mh569fhak", but thats not happening. Is there a way to make your prog work better with long (30 char) strings?

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