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Difficulty clicking on a hyperlink control

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I am using Autoit for the first time, and it looks great, really easy to use - BUT

I am writing a script to start an application, login and click a link on a page. This is not a web application.

I have no problems up to the point where I click the link. Clicking it simply doesn't work.

Autoit v3 Window Info describes the control like this:

Class Static

Instance 1

ClassnameNN Static1


Advanced Mode [CLASS:Static ; INSTANCE 1]

ID 10000

Text Work Orders

...other junk which I doubt will be useful

I can use ControlGetText to get the text of the link (control), but ControlClick doesn't do the business.

$name=ControlGetText("Window Name","Window Text","[iD:10000]")

and sure enough "Work Orders" is returned, but

ControlClick("Window Name","Window Text","[iD:10000]")

does not appear to do anything.

Is there another "click" function I should be using for this type of control?

I would really appreciate any advice that can be given.


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Just tried that and the effect was the same. The link didn't get clicked.

Thanks for replying though. I'll take ANY suggestions.

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You are a STAR!!!

ControlSend("Window Name","Window Text","[iD:10000]",'{enter}')

Worked a treat. Thanks very much for taking the trouble to reply/


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