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Hi all,

I have an issue with memory pointers.

When I was using x86, I created a script where I read memory pointers.

For this I used NomadMemory 3.1.127.

Now I am using x64 and the memory pointers are not working anymore and I would like to know what causes it:

Is it because I am using x64 now and the pointers are for x86?

Is NomadMemory still working under x64?

Do I have to start the program and script in x86 mode?

Can someone give me feedback? Since I am not sure what the problem is.

Thanks in advance!

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the udf was just poorly written. just use winapi_openprocess, winapi_readprocessmemory, winapi_writeprocessmemory (its the same). alternately, go through the udf and fix all types to be x64 compatible.

Ah thanks, I will use that.

Can you please tell me how to convert them to work on x64?

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