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Trying to click a link in IE.

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I am trying to click a link in IE.

I have tried

_IELinkClickByText ($oIE, "Clarify_Nike")
$oSubmit = _IEGetObjByName ($oIE, "Clarify_Nike")
_IEAction ($oSubmit, "click")

But couldnt manage to do it.

<div id="iconViewDiv">
        <div class="iconView">
[color=#ff0000]         <a id="appLink_0" href="launcher.aspx?NFuse_Application=Citrix.MPS.App.ctxmasd01.Clarify_Nike&amp;NFuse_Token=795ec33dcfa84275bea23389d5a6d3c" target="launchFrameWI_Cczr8jTOLkgC5yOBl" onClick="resetSessionTimeout();clearFeedback();addCurrentTimeToHref(this,'launcher.aspx?NFuse_Application=Citrix.MPS.App.ctxmasd01.Clarify_Nike&amp;NFuse_Token=795ec33dcfa84275bea23389d5a6d3c','LaunchId');" onMouseDown=" addCurrentTimeToHref(this,'launcher.aspx?NFuse_Application=Citrix.MPS.App.ctxmasd01.Clarify_Nike&amp;NFuse_Token=795ec33dcfa84275bea23389d5a6d3c','LaunchId');" class="iconLink" title="Clarify_Nike"[/color]

The link i need to click is here.

Can anyone advice a way to do it ?

Thanks in advance.

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I think you failed to insert the link :oops:


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just as a suggestion from my own little experience of trying to do anything to IE....

whenever you can reference the object by ID or name - do so. It's far more controllable. Radio buttons and if you ever have to fight with MacShare, it's total hell, but Firefox addon's can help you get all the information about the control you will need to manipulate the IE window.

I just spent 2 months building a program for our network outage team to help reduce the time it takes to create outage tickets and a lot of the process involved IE and macshare both. I wrote it where parts of it were visible and parts invisible for specific reasons and the invisible part - to be 100% accurate - obviously has to go by control id or name.

hope this helps for future work.

i'm working on a lot of intranet applications for my job as well.

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