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Facing difficulty on setting same GUI size for different resolutions

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Hi All,

I have a machines where they have different screen resolutions, i have created a utility with a GUI which is not looking same in all machines. For example i have created a GUI with Label and Button and GUIRichEDit and TreeViews in my machine where i have normal resolutions. if i run the same code on another machine where i have high resolution then it shows the GUI different. is there a way to overcome this problem? Any suggestion? please let me know if you guys want any sample code!

Thank you,Regards,[font="Garamond"][size="4"]K.Syed Ibrahim.[/size][/font]

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You need to create a function that scales/proportions the dimensions you use according to the screen size, and pass all dimensions through this function before you use them to create any control or position anything...

You can use something like

Func ScaleWidth($pixels_x)
    Return $pixels_x * @DesktopWidth
EndFunc   ;==>ScaleWidth

Func ScaleHeight($pixels_y)
    Return $pixels_y * @DesktopHeight ; you might want to vary the desktopheight to take into account the windows status bar
EndFunc   ;==>ScaleHeight
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Maybe you need something

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