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Ipconfig output to text file with space in file path

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I am struggling to output an "ipconfig /all" to a text file where the file path has a space in it. I know that it is probably just the proper placement of quotes for the path but I cannot get it...

The first line of the sample code creates the folder. The second line then runs the ipconfig /all and in theory, saves it to the newly created folder as a text file. Therein lies the problem. I cannot get the text file to be created in the folder due to the space between "pc inventory" no matter what quote placement I use(d).

DirCreate("c:\pc inventory\"& @MON & "\pc1")

Run("cmd /c ipconfig /all" > "c:\pc inventory\"& @MON & "\pc1\ip.txt")

Thanks in advance.

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You were right, just placement of quotes. You want to double quote the parameter with a space in it. If we need to pass double quotes (there are many ways to do this) I prefer to start with a single quote.

DirCreate("c:pc inventory"& @MON & "pc1")
Run('cmd /c ipconfig /all > "c:pc inventory'& @MON & 'pc1ip"')

EDIT: Explanation

To test these things in the future, it's easy enough to place the parameter in a message box.

If you put your string in a message box: MsgBox(0,'Test', "cmd /c ipconfig /all" > "c:pc inventory"& @MON & "pc1ip.txt")

you will find that it returns "True" because the way you placed the quotes is saying "cmd /c ipconfig /all" MORE THAN "c:pc inventory"& @MON & "pc1ip.txt".

If you were to fix the string to put the ">" inside the quotes, you would have MsgBox(0,'Test', "cmd /c ipconfig /all > c:pc inventory"& @MON & "pc1ip.txt") which returns: cmd /c ipconfig /all > c:pc inventory03pc1ip.txt

notice the lack of quotes.

What we wanted to see was cmd /c ipconfig /all > "c:pc inventory03pc1ip.txt"

So I picked one of many ways to add the double quotes in the right spot; MsgBox(0,'Test', 'cmd /c ipconfig /all > "c:pc inventory'& @MON & 'pc1ip"')

which returns: cmd /c ipconfig /all > "c:pc inventory03pc1ip"

Edited by danwilli

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Thanks Danwilli for the thorough explanation. Getting quotes in the right place and within syntax is an area I always struggle with...

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