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Making a script for Windows Movie Maker!

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Hello gentlemen! I am making several videos using the windows movie maker and then I upload them to youtube. The only difference between each video is the music in it, so I though, why not make an autoit script for this?

I am still wrinting the script, but one part I am sure I will have trouble is to know when Windows Movie Maker finished the upload of the video?

I was hoping someone here could give me an idea, otherwise I will just endup setting a high Sleep() value to make sure the upload ended :oops:


PS: Just some more info about this, in case it's necessary:

Windows Movie Maker can upload videos directly to youtube. It asks you for your login and the resolution of the video, then it starts the upload(until here it's easy). When the upload finishes, a pop up asking what you want to do shows up(watch video, open folder, close).

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