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Hello again,

I am trying to build a script to install a DELL BIOS upgrade for our laptop machines that the end users do not have admin rights on, we also have an admin password set on the BIOS so, as part of the BIOS upgrade the installer will ask for the BIOS admin password to be inputted. The following works just fine when packaged up in an EXE as long as the user does not bring a new window to the front over the installation then the script will stall as it can’t see the window to input to. What I have tried to do but without success is build a loop in to the script to test If the if the window is indeed active, so far I have not managed to get my head round how to do this, I am also concerned that I might create a really tight loop that will use up system resources and slow things down.

I hope I have explained this in a clear manner.

Run("\\teeis10dist\software$\Public\Drivers\BIOS Updates\BIOS E6410\E6410A11.exe")

WinWait("Enter Admin Password")

WinActivate("Enter Admin Password")

Send("Put password here, compile exe and then remove password")

ControlClick("Enter Admin Password", "", "Button1")

WinWaitActive("BIOS Update Program", "")

ControlClick("BIOS Update Program", "", "Button1")

WinWaitActive("Confirm BIOS Replacement", "")

ControlClick("Confirm BIOS Replacement", "", "Button1")


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