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Set taskbar = never on top, glitches

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G'day everyone

I have recently been forced to move from Win XP to Win 7 (Home Premium, 64 bit). Under Win 7, the taskbar does not have a "do not stay on top" setting. I have my taskbar on the left of the screen, and it is fairly wide, and I want it to be visible always, but I want open windows to overlap it (otherwise those windows are too narrow to be useful).

The utility in sevenforums no longer works, so I need to figure out a kludge for this myself.

A script with this single line:

WinSetOnTop("[CLASS:Shell_TrayWnd]", "", 0)

works fine. It changes the taskbar's state to "not on top" so that any other window I then activate will be on top of taskbar. I just need to run the script again every time I've clicked the taskbar. I can even create an EXE version and pin it to the taskbar, and click it each time.

What I can't figure out, is how to automate this. If I put the above line in a While...WEnd loop, the function does not work (i.e. it does not affect the taskbar). I also tried using an IF...EndIf loop, and I tried to link the function to a hotkey, and I even tried using an external program's hotkey functionality to run the script's EXE version, but none of those methods work.

So at this time I can work with windows that overlap the taskbar only if I click the pinned EXE version of the script each time after I had done something on the taskbar.

Does anyone know how I can get AutoIt to do the WinSetOnTop function a bit more automagically?



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